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Harmony Lakeside RV Park and Cabins

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Come stay with us and put a little 'Harmony' in your lifeA peaceful stream nearby is sure to relax your sensesBeautiful and Spacious sitesA lovely garden setting, the only thing standing between you & the riverRead a book while relaxing and watching the koi swim lazilyRemembering a long time agoCooling off on a HOT summer day as only a child wouldMisty fog hanging over the river, a sign of summer to comeYou will feel like you're in a 5-star hotel in our beautiful restroomOur beautiful showers are always beckoning you to lingerEven on a drizzly WA spring day the grounds are attractively colorfulEnjoy the reflection on the water while watching for an eagle to fly byBringing back memories of the times we were childrenGolden Chain Tree in full bloom - come stay with us soon!!