Carrabelle Beach, Florida

  Originally referred to as Rio Carrabella, the city was the site of the first area post office. The name is said to translate as “Beautiful River” and early settlers as well as the local native population found the region to be a rich source of game for both food and fur.

The original name would evolve to Carrabelle as the area began to develop after the end of the Civil War. The region’s first lumber mill was erected in 1875 and flourished with the abundance of pine and cypress trees that could be harvested in the dense swamplands that surrounded the city.

By 1893 the lumber industry was flourishing with many saw mills situated along the banks of the Carrabelle River. The location of Coombs Mill, which was near the mouth of the river, was the quickest area to develop and soon became the hub of activity for the community, resulting in the establishment of the downtown business district. The town of Carrabelle was also incorporated in 1893. The downtown area was moved to a safer location after a hurricane hit the city in the late 1800s. New, larger buildings were erected and many still stand today.

Carrabelle continued to grow with the lumber and turpentine industries being king. After the end of WWI and until the beginning of WWII, the city slumped into a deep depression with only the fishing industry keeping its head above water, but only slightly. The declaration of war in December of 1941 resulted in the area being chosen as the site of a new military training facility, Camp Gordon Johnson. At the same time, Carrabelle became a successful port for oil shipments coming out of Texas and headed for the European market.

The city’s unique location on a deep water seaport surrounded by heavily grown forests makes it a natural attraction for vacationers seeking all that the area has to offer. Visitors arrive daily by boat or highway just to experience the sunny conditions and scenic beauty. RV Travel to Carrabelle is a must for anyone who wants something unique in a vacation experience.

With miles of white sand beaches, this is a preferred, water activities destination. A walk along any of the local beaches is sure to bring gliding groups of pelicans and souring eagles into view. You will also encounter beautiful white herons in their native habitat and circling osprey ready for a dive into the blue water for their next meal. And all this is within easy reach of a Good Sam Club RV Park with outstanding Camping Discounts for members.

For a glimpse at what the region was like in its early days when only Native Americans where inhabiting the area, you can explore Alligator Point, Carrabelle Beach, Ft. Gadsen Statet Park, St. George Island State Park and Ochlockonee State Park.

For a unique vacation in a park like setting, why not make Carrabelle Beach your next RV Travel destination.