Travel to Fort Smith and enjoy southern charm and frontier history while camping in Arkansas


Fort Smith, Arkansas - Where southern charm is combined with frontier history!

Head down south for camping in Arkansas this October to the city where southern charm is combined with frontier history. Fort Smith, Arkansas uniquely combines the history of the wild Old West with the gentle charm of the antebellum Old South, offering travelers of all ages a glimpse into its distinctive past through restorations, attractions, museums, and festivals that make its history fun and exciting. Nestled in the heart of the Arkansas Ozark Mountains, located close to RV parks in Arkansas, this famous Old West Town is an exciting travel destination.

The Fort Smith National Historic Site chronicles the conflict of European settlers and Native Americans. This downtown National Park displays the frontier history, including the first fort, the Trail of Tears Overlook on the Arkansas River, the Commissary building, and reconstructed gallows. 

Camping in Arkansas

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