Enrich your quality of life by camping in New Mexico


Alamogordo, New Mexico

Take some time to unwind from the summer and go camping in New Mexico this September.  Alamogordo, New Mexico is the city of clear skies with crisp, cool mornings and pleasant afternoons and offers its inhabitants and visitors an ambiance that enriches their quality of life. A national survey has even rated Alamogordo as one of the 50 healthiest places to live in the U.S.  Enrich your quality of life by visiting RV parks in New Mexico.

Surrounded by the majestic Organ, San Andres and Sacramento Mountain ranges, Alamogordo was founded in 1898 as a terminal for the railroad. Nowadays it is a thriving town where you can hike, fish, mountain bike, sightsee or museum hop – pretty much whatever you enjoy!  New Mexico campgrounds are spread throughout the area for you to conveniently locate yourself in this enriching area.