Visit the Bandelier National Monument and explore Ancestral Pueblo life while camping in New Mexico


Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico
If you like camping in the woods, hiking in a beautiful canyon, and most of all exploring ancient ruins, then New Mexico's Bandelier National Monument is the place for you.  Campgrounds in New Mexico are located amidst it all.

Tucked away in Frijoles Canyon, off State Highway 4, modern-day visitors come via a paved road, leaving large RVs on top of the mesa at the Juniper Campground (open March - November) or at a nearby RV drop-off site.  RV Parks in New Mexico are located nearby for a convenient stay.

The ancestral Puebloans, who once lived here, came on foot. The remains of their dwellings and art work are visible for all to see. The setting is spectacular, with cliff ruins, or talus villages, extending along the base of the northern wall of the canyon for nearly two miles. Houses ranged from one to three stories high, many with cave rooms actually gouged out of the solid cliff of compressed volcanic ash or tuff using stone tools.

A trail leads along the canyon past numerous cave dwellings, some of which are accessible by ladder. It's best to start your visit at the visitor center where you can pick up a map and see a slide presentation. Established in 1916, the park is open all year. It's busiest in late spring, summer, and early fall when there may be a 30 to 45-minute wait just for a parking space. For more information, visit

Camping in New Mexico is the perfect destination to explore the past.  Discover dormant volcanoes, ancient lava flows, fossil site, archeological digs, and unique geology all while visiting campgrounds in New Mexico.  Surrounded by Native American culture, you won’t find a better place to learn about Native American culture and traditions and have a chance to view art work and dwellings.  Additionally, many RV parks in New Mexico are located in Billy the Kid Territory, providing scores of historic points of interest.