RV Parking Rights

RVers Helping Other RVers

The Good Sam Parking Rights Council consists of four Good Sam members who have had experience dealing with anti-RV ordinances. In addition to providing competent advice and recommendations, the council can also help mobilize Good Sam members in your area to attend city council meetings and provide the RVers' side of the story. They can also provide members with the Club's RV Parking Rights Manual, which chronicles a number of local parking ordinances around the country and how they have been resolved.

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If you have an issue that you think the Good Sam Parking Rights Council can help, simply fill out the form below and provide your personal information along with an explanation of your issue. You can also contact the council by phone at 1-866-360-1904.

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  • Terry Minger (Chairman) - Bartlett, Tennessee
  • Tom Maurer - Wadsworth, Ohio
  • Barry Larkin - Clayton, Delaware
  • Jack Olney - Blackfoot, Idaho
RV Parking Rights Handbook