Volunteer—Members Giving Back

Good Sam Club members volunteer thousands of hours annually to help the community, participate in road cleanups, organize park beautification projects and provide assistance to fellow members. Explore the Club’s many volunteer opportunities.

Good Sam Club members have always had a soft spot for dogs, and it’s not uncommon to find our four-legged companions riding up front in the family RV. Thirty-four years ago, Good Sam members’ collective canine affection prompted us to partner with Dogs for the Deaf, a startup nonprofit with a mission of rescuing dogs and helping people. Since then, Good Sam chapters have gone all out to support what’s now North America’s oldest and largest Hearing Dog institution.

Over the years, chapters have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for this favored charity. These contributions help Dogs for the Deaf to spare the lives of shelter dogs, train them and place them free of charge with people with physical and emotional challenges.

Learn more about Dogs for the Deaf.


Members volunteer to take on tasks such as planting new gardens, maintaining existing landscape, building overhead shelters, cleaning up debris, manning information booths, and completing light maintenance tasks. Each park defines its own volunteer assignments.

The Club is proud of all of these dedicated Chapter and state/provincial organization volunteers. Contact your state/provincial director to get involved.

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Nearly 10,000 volunteer Good Sam Chapter members have helped clean up more than 500 miles of highways in the United States and Canada through the Adopt-A-Highway program. If you are interested in volunteering for this worthy cause, contact your state or provincial director.

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